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06 Chevy impala 129k miles 3.9 mini misfires (Read 1,692 times)
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06 Chevy impala 129k miles 3.9 mini misfires
Aug 16th, 2019 at 4:12pm
I have a 06 chevy impala. Plugs and wires replaced during 100k service interval. Between 50-60k miles the intake gasket was replaced back around 2008-09 with the intake issues GM had and addressed with a tsb I believe it was.

110k miles the dual muffler exhaust was replaced with equivalent using walker mufflers. I bought them and had a friend who owns a muffler shop.

I do know this has a oil leak we need to address. Either the power steering reservoir/pump is leaking and/or the engine has leaks as well.

My main question is what would be the best test(s)to run with the scope to address these multiple mini misfires? I have a pretty extensive amount of Picoscope stuff (in learning phase of knowing what to look for), same applies to my Zeus as well.

I do have the NVH, pressure kit that came with the Picoscope kit, pulse pressure sensor and other accessories as well. I think fear has kept me away from doing things more than others. I get confused with the attenuator and when to use it.

I do have the recently updated Autonerdz series of USB which I need to dig out and maybe just see what it has to offer. I'm one that once I do something then I can associate it with certain procedures, etc. More of a hands on learner so to speak. I at times spend more time fearing certain things like this vs other things of same, equal or lesser caliber / skill level of work at times. Don't know why it is but just happens this way.

The car has no engine codes, doesn't hesitate or feel sluggish when driving and getting on accelerator at times. 

Thanks in advance and any and all help in advance.

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Doug S.
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Re: 06 Chevy impala 129k miles 3.9 mini misfires
Reply #1 - Oct 6th, 2019 at 3:12pm
Hi D.N.  (Have you gotten this figured out already?  If so, please disregard.) Embarrassed
What scanner do you have and can it get OE data such as misfire counters?†
Which series scope do you have (this determines when you would need to use an attenuator)?† Is it the 4425 (or newest 4 channel scope) or older than that?
When you say the car has "mini-misfires", are they barely noticeable?† When do you feel these misfires the most?
Sorry for all the questions, but vehicle symptom history is very important. Wink
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