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Intro (Read 777 times)
Freshman Member

I'm an Autonerd

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates

Gender: male
Mar 6th, 2021 at 5:18pm
Hello All,

Im new to the forum, names Chad, work in a garage in Dubai and recently have bought the PICOscope and am hoping to get to learn how to use it properly from help from you guys.

Could someone point me in the direction as how to contact the administrator to be able to join the PICO group stuff.

Thank you
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Grant Baker
Senior Member

I'm an Autonerd

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Rockford, IL, Illinois, USA
Rockford, IL

Gender: male
Re: Intro
Reply #1 - Mar 7th, 2021 at 8:24am
Welcome Chad.

Easiest way to join the Autonerdz Picogroup to get full resources is calling or emailing staff.

Autonerdz Picogroup resources are available to those customers that purchased a Picoscope kit from Autonerdz' or, purchased an annual subscription to those resources, explained here:

Here's a video explaining the Autonerdz Picogroup resources at the Autonerdz youtube channel.

There were some free training resources at the autonerdz store under the training tab, but the videos have been disabled by the flash player lockout in late January.  Autonerdz staff is working on transferring all flash movies to a different format.  Some of those same videos are available at the Autonerdz youtube channel.

You can get a lot of good training without joining the Autonerdz Picogroup by purchasing the Nerd Series 1-4 on USB:

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