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HD Engine Diagnostics Class in Clovis New Mexico (Read 285 times)
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HD Engine Diagnostics Class in Clovis New Mexico
Feb 29th, 2020 at 9:01am
Morning everyone, great news.  Tim Stanford has graciously agreed to be a host shop for me to do training, Cheesy
We will be doing a HD Engine Diagnostics class on July 30th and 31st from 8am to 5pm.  In this class I'm going to go over component by component how to test it with Scan Tool and Scope Data.  I will be sharing techniques that I have developed in the Field to test a variety of HD Engines.  So it doesn't matter if it's Cummins, Mack, Caterpillar, JD, these Techniques can be applied to a variety of manufacturers.  Class cost is 450.00 Dollars per Tech and to make this happen I need a minimum of 15 to sign up and the max is 25.  Tim has a very big shop with lot's of room so this is going to be awesome!  This class is open to everyone.  If you want dedicated Pico Training from me you will have to buy a kit from me.  Also I am now offering free training from me if you buy a Picoscope from me.  So if you buy a kit from me and I am doing a hands on event already somewhere or I am going to be doing one soon in the  future you can attend that training class at no cost.  So on initial purchase of the kit you get one free training class from me.  If you can not attend a class I'm doing I will also travel to you and do it.  I can do a 1 day or 2 day class for you hands on.  I just need to be compensated for Travel and food Expenses.  Don't worry I will not eat steak every night, lol. Smiley  The address to the shop is 700 Pioneer Rd Clovis New Mexico, 88101.  To sign up please contact me through my website that way I have a record of it.  As soon as I have the minimum for the class to happen I will start taking payments.  You have till July 15th to register with me.  Thank you.  Here is the link to my website to register.
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Re: HD Engine Diagnostics Class in Clovis New Mexico
Reply #1 - Feb 29th, 2020 at 5:33pm
Count me in Mike!  Cheesy I have attended many of Mike's training seminars (I have taken some of his classes twice) and they are an amazing wealth of knowledge. I have never been disappointed, I am always amazed with the testing techniques which he presents to us and I always learn something new during his classes. 

The very first time I attended his class, I was stunned at the level of accuracy he was able to pin point problems in his case studies. From that day on, I quickly became an Autonerdz member and I have never regretted it since.

All that being said, Mike is an awesome guy along with Tim for sharing his shop for this event. Not only will you get training during this event, but you will gain many different insights from the industry when networking with all the attendees.

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