Autonerdz Interactive PicoScope Screen

Hover your mouse over different areas to see features

Mutiple View Options

See a video

Tutorial videos require a password

Paaswords are available to all Autonerdz PicoGroup members and can be found here

Add a Measurement

Trigger options - Watch the video

Advanced Triggers - Watch the video

Rapid Trigger - Watch the video

Click the Tools tab to access:

Custom Probes See the Video

Math Channels See the Video

Reference Waveforms See the Video

Serial Decoding See the Video

Alarms See the Video

Masks See the Video

Macro Recorder


Click the Automotive tab to find

circuit and component descriptions

along with scope operation suggestions

Click help to access:

Users guide

Check for updates

Click "about" to see your current software version

Zoom to Full View:

Zoom out fully to view the entire screen

Undo Zoom:

Returns to the previous zoom level

Zoom Out:

Select the zoom out tool to

zoom out of a particular area.


Select the zoom in tool to

zoom in on an area of inerest

Windowed Zoom:

Hand Tool:

Click and drag to move a zoomed in screen

Select Tool:

Allows you to select items by clicking

Buffer Overview:

Allows quick navigation and selection of buffer screens

Next Buffer Screen
Previous Buffer Screen

Buffer Index:

Indicates which buffer screen is currently being viewed


Usually left on DC

Only use AC coupling when you want to filter out

the DC component, like when testing charging

system AC ripple

Input Voltage Range:

Select the approprate input range for each channel



Channel Options:

Select Probes

Create Custom Probes - Watch the Video

Filtering Options - Watch the Video


Auto Setup:

The scope will try to select the best settings to

capture the current signals.

Best to set up the scope manually

Home Button:

Restarts the scope and resets all

settings to your startup settings

Time Per Division:

Can be switched to total screen time under-

Tools> Prefeences> General> Collection Time Units

Zoom Level

Use the up and down arrows

to adjust zoom level


Number of samples:

Adjust for best performance/number of screens

Watch the tutorial video here