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4-Channel Pico 4425A Master Kit (PQ194)



This kit includes one Autonerdz PicoGroup Training and Support. This subscription auto-renews every year at no extra charge.

Our Automotive Master Kit has been designed to give our customers a way of buying everything they could need in one kit. While there is always more you can buy to add to your toolbox, in this instance we’ve put together our most comprehensive kit to-date.

Our exciting new PicoBNC+™ probe connectivity, unique to PicoScope 4225A and 4425A oscilloscopes, provides you with:

Channel status lights to show you which probes and channels to connect and their status when you load a data file or guided test.

Smart probe interfacing so that all your probe configuration takes place in the software - no more incorrect probe switch positions!

Powered probes that are always on and ready to go - no more flat batteries, current clamp zeroing, or auto-off!

Future-proofing of your diagnostic capabilities as we develop new probe technologies.

Full backwards-compatibility with BNC for all your existing PicoScope or third-party probes


This kit contains:

This kit includes one Autonerdz PicoGroup Training and Support. This subscription auto-renews every year at no extra charge.

Our Master Kit consists of an upgraded and extended Advanced Kit, in a new larger tougher carry case and our WPS500X Maxi Kit in a separate case.

The kit includes PA210 Heavy Duty Case instead of Standard Case, and adds insulation piercing clips TA007, shrouded sprung hooks TA089/TA090, CAN Test Box TA069, PQ038 WPS500X Maxi Kit with adaptors & hoses, additional breakout leads (TA191, TA194, TA267), extra TA473 60A clamp, 2 additional TA499 x10 Scope probes and keyless entry lead TA330 to the accessories in our Advanced Kit.

The new heavy duty Master kit carry case (PA210) also includes foam cut-out locations for your PicoDiagnostics NVH kit (sold separately).

The combination of our kits and software make vehicle diagnostics intuitive and logical. Each kit comes with a variety of accessories to test a multitude of vehicle components, help and advice for these are available in our PicoScope 6 software. Our PicoScope Master Kit will allow you to undertake an endless list of diagnostic signals from your test vehicle.

PicoScope 4425 USB Oscilloscope:

• 4 channels
• Up to 400 MS/s real–time sample rate
• 20 MHz bandwidth
• 250,000,000 sample memory
• ±200 V input range
• Floating inputs
• ConnectDetect™ for reliable connections
• No external power supply required
• Protected against overloads and short circuits
• CAN bus and FlexRay compatible
• Use with any vehicle
• Easy to use
• Includes PicoScope Automotive software
• Free software updates
• 24 month warranty for the scope module, 12 month warranty for accessories

PC Requirements:

• Processor: 2 GHz
• Memory: 4 GB
• Operating System: 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows 10, 8, 7 (not Windows RT or S)
• Ports: USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
• Free Disk Space: 2 GB 


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Software Downloads

If you do not yet have a PicoScope you can still download the software and run it in demo mode.

Software and updates are free.

At this time, we are recommending PicoScope 6 for diagnostic use. PicoScope 7 is still in development.

PicoScope 6 Automotive Download

PicoScope 7 Automotive (Beta) Download

We have an Autonerdz PicoScope software Add-On for versions 6 & 7 that wiil adjust certain settings and add useful custom probes and math channels to help you get started. The Add-On is available on the Autonerdz USB drive included with this kit when purchased from us.

PicoScope 4425A - 4 channel Master kit (PQ194)

$6323.00 Including U.S. Shipping!