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The Autonerdz DSO

Sample Rate Calculator

For a complete understanding of this, we recommend you purchase:

The Nerd I CD

Your own copy of this calculator is included.

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For a short basic tutorial movie on the calculator and its use, view

The Sample Rate Calculator Tutorial

Input the three values and press the calculate button.

You may choose whatever units you wish from the drop down menus.

Please keep in mind that this calculator does not calculate PicoScope performance in streaming mode correctly

It will grossly under report the actual performance



The above Java Applet illustrates the relationship between signal frequency and sample rate.

You can see for yourself why sample rate is so important.

Note how the signal distorts and aliases when there is not enough sample rate for the signal frequency.

This is a demonstration of the Nyquist Limit.

You must sample a signal least 2x signal frequency or aliasing will occur.

A DSO without adequate sample rate will do exactly the same thing as shown here.

Not Good.

True sample rate is the single most important thing to consider when choosing a DSO.

Thanks to The Brown University Exploratories project for this applet.


Viewing requires a real version of Java.  The primitive and crippled version that comes in Windows may not work.

If you just see a blank box, you need to install Java,

You can get it free here:

Get Java


You should get it anyway.  You need it for lots of different web content.

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