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Autonerdz are the ONLY PicoScope automotive specialists in North America. Here at Autonerdz, we decided long ago to set a new standard for automotive dedicated technical support. Each custom PicoScope kit we sell comes with this support package. The training and support system continues to evolve and expand, since we started it in 2002. This support has been called the best in the industry. Combined with the stellar Pico factory support, there is no equal.

We blazed the trail for Pico in the automotive market and since then, they have rocketed to the top of the heap in automotive scopes. The concept was new in 2002 and it has taken time and effort to accomplish this. Pico's forward thinking was in tune with the automotive industry development in this area and their entry in to the automotive field was timely. We knew that support and training was key to product acceptance and we now have happy PicoScope users on six continents. We don't just sell equipment, we provide the total experience. 

We are now scheduling events in our training center:

4715 Fir Tree Rd SE

Olympia, WA USA 98501

877-628-4899 Toll Free USA and Canada

MAP From I-5 Exit 101 

Hope to see you at booth #51

Events at The Autonerdz Training Center: 



Friday, June 5, 2020

9AM to 3PM

Class size is limited, so be sure to register early. 

Just sign up HERE to reserve your seat

Registration deadline May 29, 2020

Bring your laptop and your PicoScope with you, as we will be using them all together in the lecture/demonstration part 

For our Autonerdz Picogroup members, this is a free class

($20 donation suggested for the food and refreshments) 

Those who wish to attend this session, who are not Autonerdz Picogroup members, will need to subscribe to the service and join the group.  The cost is $1300.00 annually.  Of course, this will also plug you into all the other benefits of membershipand allow you to attend future classes over the year free of charge.  As you know, purchasing an Autonerdz custom PicoScope package from us, or one of our affiliates in the US and Canada, will automatically enroll you in the Picogroup at no additional charge and will not require annual renewal.   This is yet another added benefit of PicoScope support and training package.


Online Events: 


PicoScope 4425 Hands On Demo For Those Who would Like to Test Drive a PicoScope

Any Time You Want by Appointment

Cost: Free 

Just call or email for details on how to participate

High speed internet connection is required 

You will be able to have a virtual hands on experience by operating a live PicoScope from your location on your PC

An expert will be on hand to guide you and answer any questions

This is a great way for you to test drive before you buy 



Group Therapy With The Picotologist

Registration Required

Thursday, February 27, 2020

6-8 PM Pacific Time

These intense sharing and training sessions are for our Picogroup members only

Registration deadline February 26, 2020