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04 Hyundai Santa Fe Accel Pedal Position Sensor (Read 1,064 times)
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04 Hyundai Santa Fe Accel Pedal Position Sensor
Jan 26th, 2017 at 4:57am
Hi All! Excited to join recently and now I'm getting close to finally having the time to settle down and learn/apply this wave stuff.

Anyways to make things short I have a 04 Hyundai Santa Fe with the 3.5 engine and I recently had a code in addition to others pop up which identified the possible culprit as the accelerator pedal position sensor.

I get crap full mileage even during the summer months. Engine does have a tick but that's been there prior to this pedal position sensor issue which I need to fix first then move forward.

Anyone had any experience testing these that would be able to give me some newbie advice in regards to them. Last time it acted up I had sluggish performance and had to shift manually and not get above a certain RPM, 2600 I think it was and it would shake and lurch, etc if I went higher regardless of gear or even idling. After I shut the car off for 1 1/2 hrs for a basketball game I came out and drove home and it ran normal.

One other thing I've noticed if is I snap the throttle wide open temporarily for just a few seconds when it hits the top it goes high and low alternating almost like one would think it has a miss. One friend said it sounded like a rev limiter as I do have a video I posted to Google drive and shared with him. I haven't dug far enough into the forums yet as this thread was a thought that came to mind while driving another car but I pulled over and here I am writing it. Is there a way to post from Google drive??

I don't think that would relate to the issue I had regarding the pedal position sensor so maybe that's something for another day. Thanks and I look forward to the replies and learning adventure ahead as I have 5 vehicles @ home that I take care of all them when they have issues. I do have a few that I'll be posting about if I can't find anything in the forums. I did go to the waveform library and do a search but didn't get any results regarding pedal position waveforms.

Hope the link posts below and is allowed as thu was the only way I could get it to share as attaching it said the file was to large so I created a sharable link,
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Re: 04 Hyundai Santa Fe Accel Pedal Position Sensor
Reply #1 - Jan 26th, 2017 at 12:14pm
All fixes I found is to replace the APP sensor

Code p2122? p2125?, p2127?

8 cavity APP connector, ck the blk, blk/wht, brn wires for good grounds.

ck the grn, red/org for 5v on the reference wires from the ecm.

Scope the wht and pink wires, both should start at ,5v and both should climb to near 5v at WOT. Do this key on engine off and running.

Have someone else drive the vehicle and monitor the signals for glitches. Also scope the signals near the ecm, there may be a damaged harness wire. 

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